Our History

Founded in 1996 with a goal of providing solutions for the growing Laboratory and Process analytical instrumentation market, Pensalab invests heavily in the organization of the company and in the training of its employees, resulting in the high quality of its service and offered solutions, always having as a corporate goal to achieve excellence in the services provided to its customers.


Nowadays, working in partnership with more than 20 representatives from different countries, suppliers of pioneering and innovative technologies, Pensalab is reference in the market which it operates in Brazil and Latin America.


The excellent infrastructure and high preparation of its staff, allows Pensalab to offer in Brazil, the same quality and efficient of service as the companies it represents.



To be the first partner when it is thought to support analytical instrumentation solutions for Laboratory and Process, consolidating the market leadership in Brazil, and with increasing activity in other Latin America countries.

Maximize the quality of our customers by high technologies solutions and Laboratory and Process performance, sustained by our technical differential and capability of understand and exceed the expectations of our customers.


1. Sustainable Excellence

We search the excellence working with dedication, planning and organization to contribute to the personal and organizational sustainability.

3. Freedom to Create

Here, we have freedom to contribute with the business, expressing with responsibility our opinions and ideas and they are heard and answered genuinely.

5. Continuous Development

We search the update e continuous development of technical and personal competences,  to expand our progress of career and always improving the service to our costumers.

7. Entrepreneurship

We feel like owners of the business to search continuous improve and always seize market opportunities.

2. Commitment to the Costumer

We put our passion in service of the costumer, exceeding what is expected from us and always fulfilling our commitments.

4. Respect to for Others

We respect and we can count on each other, to create an environment of trust and team spirit.

6. Transparency and Trust

We are transparent and well intentioned in all of our relations, handling  open and sincerely with our differences to keep our bond of trust.

8. Social Responsibility

At our company, employees, partners, community and the environment are fully respected.




With a staff formed by engineers, chemists, technologists, and technicians in the areas of design, electric, electronic, mechanic, mechatronic, and chemistry, counting with the support of a strong team of back office, Pensalab is capable to offer to its customers:

  • Commercialization of products with total monitoring during all processes. (pre-sale, sale and after-sale);

  • Support in analysis development;

  • Installation, Startup, Commissioning

  • Training and Seminars;

  • Application Engineering;

  • Control Systems and Automation;

  • Project/Engineering;

  • Programming;

  • Advanced Controls;
  • Sampling System Fabrication;

  • System Integration;

  • Acceptation Test (Factory and Field);

  • Watched Operation;

  • Support in Application Services;

  • Predictive, Preventive and Corrective maintenance services;

  • Maintenance in agree with the patterns established by the manufacturer;

  • Calibration with trackable patterns to Brazilian Calibration Network (RBC);

  • Service Contracts;


Quality Policy

To exceed the customer satisfaction, fully meeting it needs and expectations, by supply of products and services in analytical area, committing all company in realization and search for improves of our Quality Management System, at a work environment  that promotes the satisfaction and the realization of our employees.

During the realization of all our activities, we search continually the improve, making our work evolves in a natural and constant way. We secure the quality  of all our process and cellules of the company by the ISO 9001:2008 certification, evaluated by the German company BRTUV, and of our Quality Management System  - QMS. The certifier BRTUV have large experience and tradition on international and Brazilian market, and its properly accredited by INMETRO in Brazil.

Check out bellow our certifies:




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